Consumer Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral analysis can take many forms from monitoring traffic and flow patterns in physical stores to analyzing click information on your site to developing demographic and psychographic profiles of your current and target customers.

Consumer Profiles

  • Demographic, geographic, psychographic profile of current and target customers
  • What consumers are seeking relative to your brand
  • How people are researching the category
  • Where consumers go after visiting your site or store

Competitive Profile

  • Identify your actual competitive set across all potential channels
  • Frequency of brand searches relative to competitive set
  • Online analysis of search, referral, behavior on your site and post site visit
  • Identifying opportunities to reach new customers on and offline

Product Affinity

Market basket analysis can provide clues to bundling, pricing and other product assortment changes.  Analyzing this data can be laborious and time consuming and for that reason many companies do not have a robust process to continually review this information.  We can help decipher the pile of data and turn it into actionable information that can help drive store and web visual merchandising as well as upstream product selection and planning.


Promotion Effectiveness

Ever wonder if your promotions simply cannibalize your regular price sales?  How do you know if you are targeting the right product or category that drives market basket size and value?  We can help determine if your promotions are truly additive or if you are simply letting money walk out the door.  Detailed event analysis combined with product affinity analysis can help not only determine the best time of year to have profitable, incremental promotions but also what products are best suited for promotion